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We are a team that design lamps with sustainable wood veneers. Each creation is special because of its unique wood patterns conceived by nature.

Our own HARZ-LTW technology enhances this noble material, providing the flexibility to perform designs and a better quality to last even in warm and humid conditions.

Wood Lighting
This is how we combine visual appeal with quality and variety. With 42 designs, the universe of “Traum” offers exceptional lamps to be used in homes, offices, shops and hotels, delivered worldwide.

Our goal is to create artifacts that irradiate both, light and beauty in any ambience.

Color of the year

Living Coral

We are proud to announce the addition of this color of the year to our color palette. The living Coral brings a feeling of warmth and calm, resulting in an interesting option for models like Rad that we appreciate in this image. Now, our palette of colors is composed of 9 different shades that you can choose from any of the 42 models that make up the Traum family of lamps.
Featured Lamp


Anker was born from the concept of a Gropel type of anchor. Three plates run along a curved path and then intersect in representation of this nautical object. The Anker model has been awarded with the Argentine Good Design Label. Seal #1678.
Design is the art of the industrial society.
Gillo Dorfles
Customized Designs & Special Projects
For customized designs and special projects, please contact us at custom@traumlamps.com

The 2019 Color of the Year arrives at Traum.

World is changing faster than never before. As trends emerge and resonate into the world of interior design, we decided to incorporate the Pantone’s new Living Coral color of the year to our lamps finishes. Wanna know about the main reasons and the...


You can choose your Traum in your prefered colour. The tone will be preserved over time, even when in sunlight and humid conditions.

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