World is changing faster than never before. As trends emerge and resonate into the world of interior design, we decided to incorporate the Pantone’s new Living Coral color of the year to our lamps finishes. Wanna know about the main reasons and the importance of color in the industry? Join us to discuss about it.


Colors are important in the design world as they change our feelings, emotions and ways we perceive the world. Every time someone wants to refresh an ambience, they may try out many designs. This means an extensive look of combinations of wall paintings, furniture and the organisation of the room itself.


Tipically, all the ideas come from trends found on the internet, interiors magazines and TV shows. This information is valuable as each year there are new exciting elements and possibilities to discover for the interiors design.


Once a style is finally defined, one of the final choices is the color selection. Color plays an important role as it can change completely the final result of a hard work. The main reason is the power it has to recall memories, bring moods and affect emotions.


Because painting typically lasts a long time until the next redesign of an ambience, there is a need of a good choice, which is made by personal taste and the help of professionals, experienced designers and global trends.


When looking for trends, the Pantone Color Institute is one of the most consulted organizations. Each year, it reunites the most recognised color professionals in the world to discuss which will be the color of the year. This process is based on trends analytics and each member’s vision and experience.


For the current year, the choice has been the Living Coral. In words of Pantone’s director, Leatrice Eiseman, the shade communicates the innate need for optimism and joyful pursuits.


As Living Coral is emerging all around the world as an interesting choice to considerate into the interiors design, we decided to bring to Traum as an optional finish for each of our lamps. This will ensure more possibilities and inspiration for your next project or even to liven up your favourite room.


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