Our Mission

To improve people’s lifestyle with innovative products that radiate light and beauty in any ambience


To be leaders in innovation, design and technology of both functional and decorative elements from wood veneer

Meet our designer

Traum was born thanks to the Industrial Designer Carlos Martín Giacinto, originally from the city of Mar del Plata, Argentina. He worked professionally in Europe and specialized through a Master in Design at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain).

With his talent, vision and experience, he made real his dream of establishing Traum as a team of professionals creating the innovative products that we know nowadays.

In addition of design and management, Carlos has developed the liquid resin formula that gives our wood its characteristic elasticity and strength.


Design Awards.

In Traum, our mission is to improve people’s lifestyle, meeting design and technology with innovation in our products.

The excellence pays off in the long run, contributing to create the best decorative and functional elements for use in home, work and public spaces. This has distinguished us with the Argentine Good Design Hallmark.

The award recognizes products that incorporate in their design differentiating features in the companies’ productive, marketing and identity network with an impact in the market, use, life cycle, process efficiency and contribution to sustainable development.

At this time, this are the Traum product lines that have been distinguished with the Good Design Seal:

Blume designs (Seal #872)

The first ever awarded line of Traum is conformed by Blume Klein, Blume Stativ, Blume 2 Lamp, Kreuz and Stativ. All of this models have the Seal that represents the Argentine Good Design Hallmark.

Each Blume represents the concept of a flower, with differents designs made for each specific needs.

Anker Designs (Seal #1678)

Next, the complete line of Anker models received the Seal for it’s innovation in design. It welcomes Anker, Anker Klein, Anker Tabelle and Anker Fub with the Argentine Good Design Hallmark. They represent this nautical object.

Gross Designs (Seal #3964)

The Gross family is the redesign of the Krabbe model, it follows the concept of hanging wooden lampshades from the same center mounted in a symmetrical position. By designing a longer and thinner wooden lampshade, a climbing overlap between them was achieved. The strategy used was to give the client a family that adapts to the space, dimension, requirement and requirementsthat they need.

The Gross family has been awarded with the Argentine Good Design Seal.